Our Client Portfolio

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A Few Projects

Policy Holders Adjusting Service

Policy Holders Adjusting Service is an easy to navigate site with brighter colors than the site previously owned by this company. This new site has minimal flash accents used only in the menu bar, as requested by the client, designed to be a optimal information site.

Internal links leading to information in the site as well as the one external link leading a map for directions add to the ease of navigation.

San Diego Jet Ski Rentals

San Diego Jet Ski Rentals A site all custom from top to bottom from the banner and buttons to the background colors and textures. We also captured and compressed the photos for web using some photos as links to other pages on the web site.

Utilizing the use of placement of address, phone, hours and links to directional maps was also added every page to make usage of the site easy for customers.

Logans Marketing Inc.

Logans Marketing Inc. is a concept design to be used for e-mail usage, the home page gives all information about the company with links to PDF pages to be viewed and/or printing by customers. The top banner on all pages of the site also includes links to these PDF pages while working also as a banner.

The rest of the pages on this site are "Forms E-mail" for customers to fill out the needed information in order for this client to contact them back with whatever the customer requests or requires.